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Poetry and Other
Inspired Ideas
My Transformational
Journey to Healing
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Rhonda Williams was born and raised in New York City where she attended elementary and high school on the upper west side. After high school, she worked for various telecommunication companies as a telephone operator and continues to enjoy the experience to this day.


Rhonda has also been involved with home-based business ventures.
Since becoming a Reiki Practitioner (hands-on energy healing), she continues to attend spiritual workshops, seminars and other events involving New Age teachings.


Rhonda's activities in transformational education are growing in every way and on every level, in every moment on her journey to becoming a Reiki Master. During her downtime, she enjoys family and friends as they experience the best of New York City's entertainment scene, including jazz clubs, theatre, ballet, music concerts, Street fairs, and taping of popular TV shows, just to name a few.

Her desire is to travel the world to share her book and other healing gifts.

About the Book
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My Poetry

My poetry is of me, through me and for me

but not the me I claim to be,

It flows naturally at any given time,

Spirit touches me and I begin to write.

There seems to be no end in sight.

What a gift and I am so blessed.

Don't try to figure it out, just give it my best

and never mind about the rest.

All is well!

-From "Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas" By Rhonda Williams

"This book is another part of my cleansing on my terms, in my words, and on my time. I had no idea when I wrote these poems how much they would contribute to my journey on the road of restoration from decades of alcohol and drug use. I am celebrating the wonder of my every day! Each evolution reflects the awareness of my personal growth and spiritual development. I have rediscovered my passion for my purpose and will continue to nurture my self-acceptance, self-care, and self-love!."

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Along my transformational journey, I am being enlightened to another aspect of my growth which I like to refer to as restoration healing. Thank you, God, for the gift of reflection! It is transforming, healing, restoring, and necessary to understand the purpose of your purpose.


New adventures, pleasant fears. Allowing your curiosity to appear. Appear in ways that make you stop and embrace. Your newness of knowing, to keep the awakening energy flowing. Let the pain fuel you with quiet strength. Be gentle with yourself to receive this gem drop. Because learning and teaching never stop. Yes, you have to live it to believe it 

Author of " Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas
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Book Review
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"A lot of us can relate with this book especially with my very own experiences, healing and my transformation into a beautiful butterfly. This is one of the most beautifully written poetry book I've ever read. I must say, very inspirational and provoking."​

- Alisha

" She can make a great Restorational Speaker "

- David Smith

"The story is told through beautiful inspired poetry and soulful prose that shares her journey. As I read the poems, I felt the Energy of God calling me into prayer and communion. The book also offers us guided meditations, affirmations, and visualizations for the journey."


- Reverend Daniel Neusom

   Book Reviewer

" Words are inadequate when it comes to describing this book. The book is versatile in that it can be used as a devotional book where you read a page a day and meditate on the words; allowing it to cause a shift in your spirit or consciousness. On the other hand, the book can also be used as a prayer or soul guide. If you're experiencing any type of challenge, ask for a clear path to solving the challenge and open the book to any page and I promise the words on the page will cause some type of shift in your soul and consciousness. Both your mind and soul will be transformed. Lastly, the book can also be used as a spiritual workbook. The author takes you on a spiritual journey and she also encourages you to move at your own pace. There is no better journey than the one of discovering the god within, which ultimately leads to your own self-discovery and creativity. Take the journey and I promise you'll be more than pleased that you did."

Remember, because of its versatility it can be used in multiple ways. One soul, but always more than one journey.

- Elizabeth O. Tinuoye

Book Reviewer

" A very inspirational and thought-provoking book! The author allows you to follow her different journeys; which many can quickly relate to. My favorite part is that the book ends with a few blank pages left so that the reader can start their own poetic explorations. A must-read for all."

- Bintou Bah

Book Reviewer

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“Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas”

By Rhonda Williams Encourages
Readers to Find Their Own Inner

“Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas”

is a book of poetry by Rhonda Williams meant to guide people on their journey towards deeper self-knowledge. 

March 9, 2021: "Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas" is a book that has been written by Rhonda Williams. The book has been created as a timeless piece of art combining the best of poetry, affirmations, and visual healing meditations. “Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas” is meant to serve as a means of healing for countless men and women who are finding it difficult to find love and inspiration in their lives. The book is meant to work as a powerful healing tool that can bring emotional wellness into a person's life while at the same time guiding them on their own path towards a spiritual journey. In many ways, the book "Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas" written by Rhonda Williams is unique since she is sharing her thoughts and ideas that she herself experienced and felt in her own life.

As Rhonda Williams is aware of the importance of direct experience and spiritual ascension, she encourages her readers to delve deep into the life experiences that they themselves had so that they can understand where they stand in their personal journey. "Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas" is ideal for anyone who is looking to find guidance in his or her life through effective spiritual understanding and development so that they can benefit from personal growth and inner ascension. The book of poetry is also meant to bring healing, restoration, and recuperation from past psychological pain, emotional turmoil, and complex soulful patterning.

The most important message in the book "Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas" is that it’s never too late to start discovering themselves in their own lives and start acting on the things that they are most passionate about. Through the guidance that is offered in this book, men and women of all ages can find the voice they need for their self-expression and benefit from self-acceptance and self-love.

About Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas: "Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas" is written by Rhonda Williams and is meant to serve as spiritual guidance for her audience.

"Spirituality is the essence of my evolutionary process. As I evolve, my conscious and subconscious change. This fuels my thirst for personal growth and comes in stages that create my poetry."

- Rhonda Williams, author of "Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas"

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